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Professional Standards & Ethics

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks during which my desire to accept that people generally act honourably and to the highest professional standards has taken some big hits. At heart I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and really want to believe that people will do their jobs properly and behave to a high professional standard without my having to get involved. Sadly it seems that more often I have to push, press and get involved to ensure that actually happens.

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Easter Weekend: Rights And Wrongs, Professional Standards

Let’s be crystal clear on this. I view any e-mail that someone sends using their employer’s e-mail system (so it goes out with the employer’s domain name on it) as property of the employer, not private and personal property. This applies moreso to Parliament as it becomes a permanent record for Freedom Of Information Act purposes.

All who work in, for or with Parliament in any way, shape or form have a duty to be open, honest, transparent and acting beyond reproach, in accordance with published codes of conduct. Iain Dale writes about this too.

Just as in the failure of Jacqui Smith’s husband to adhere to a standard of professional conduct (expecting the taxpayer to pay for porn is a failure), so Mr McBride has also failed. But there appears to be much more maliciousness in Mr McBride’s conduct.

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Honourable Recruitment Agencies (2)

Latest bullshit tactic appears to be to e-mail and say they’ve left a message on your voicemail when they haven’t. Phoning back gets a “the person you need to speak to is out, I’ll get them to call you back”. Of course, the call never comes, e-mails don’t even get read, never mind replied to (return receipts are a wonderful thing) and phone calls go straight to voicemail.

If you’re not interested at least have the balls to say “Sorry Jamie, you’re not quite what we’re looking for.” It seems that adherence to honesty and professional standards isn’t in demand any more.

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NorthgateArinso Involved In Pensions Trust Data Breach

Doesn’t NorthgateArinso’s skillsets of excellence include basic IT security like encrypting laptops? Matthew Henty’s blog details the specifics of the data that went AWOL. I have a copy of the letter that went out from The Pensions Trust so can confirm that the data on the lifted laptop includes name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number, name of employer, salary details, name of and relationship to nominees and, for those drawing a pension, bank account details.

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MPs’ Expenses And A Question For Hazel Blears

I’ve written about how my work expense claims were checked and dealt with and how I see professional standards as important. Arguments that claims were “not breaking the rules” don’t really cut the mustard. There is also a requirement of MPs (and anyone in professional life) to act ethically and in the spirit of the highest standards of conduct. Just because you didn’t break the rules doesn’t mean you didn’t drive a cart and horses through the spirit of those rules. Ultimately this whole issue shows a seedier side to Parliament and taints those MPs and prospective MPs who are completely honest and transparent in their affairs. Politics itself has been tainted by this issue. There will be many now who won’t engage with the political system because “they’re all as bad as each other”.

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