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PCB Does The Right Thing! (Some Cricket Thoughts)

A first post on international cricket. In some areas I am very opinionated and this is one such area. I make no apologies for opinions. As leaders often say, “perception is reality” and these are my perceptions. Some people do ask what planet I’m on…

First mention deserves to go to the Pakistan Cricket Board for actually doing the right thing for once.

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The Terminal 5 Cock Up

On Friday night I listened to a radio discussion about the foul up that is Heathrow Terminal 5’s opening. One chap was repeatedly harping on about computers. It’s a cop out to blame “the system”. There are people behind systems: People who designed them, implemented them, tested them, trained on them, monitor them and use them. There are also people who sign the systems off as correctly specified and fit for purpose and correctly implemented.

I’ve orchestrated two complete office relocations. Each one took much careful planning and I was very visible to all sections of the companies concerned. If there were any foul ups, it was my backside that was going to get kicked. It was my professional reputation that was going to take a beating. Both moves happened successfully. Zero downtime and no interruptions to customer service.

I’ll say that again because I’m rather proud of it: Zero downtime and no interruptions to customer service.

The businesses performed seamlessly. No problems at all. Phones, computers, alarm systems, everything worked as it should.

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Arriva Trains Wales Proposal Response

Remember I posted about Arriva Trains Wales recently?

Well, I e-mailed the Office Of The Rail Regulator with my thoughts, questions and perceptions.

I got a response the other day. Far better and a whole lot more informative than the response I got from Arriva Trains Wales when I had cause to contact them. So thanks to the folk at the Office Of Rail Regulation a) for reading my comments and questions and b) for explaining why things are the way they are.

The response is below for anyone who’s interested.

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Phorm-enting Rebellion

Recently the UK’s three major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) announced that they had signed agreements to sell the web browsing habits of their customers to a company called Phorm. The ISPs concerned were BT, TalkTalk (Carphone Warehouse) and Virgin Media. There didn’t seem to be any mention of this being an optional service. As a Virgin Media customer this caught my attention so I had a look round a few forums to see if there were others who were as concerned as I.

Oh yes. And then some. This wasn’t just a little IT story…
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