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Month: April 2010

Beware The Geeks

The British Chiropractic Association’s decision to throw in the towel against Simon Singh has continued the debate about the need for libel reform.  What the events leading up to this capitulation also show is the increasing resolve and influence of those who are online.  The geeks, if you will.

Nick Cohen’s piece on the Guardian website, “Now charlatans will know to beware the geeks” is interesting stuff, telling how the author attended a gathering in support of Simon Singh…

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Headbangers’ Neck & The BMJ Lacking Clue

Many rockers have had the dreaded Headbangers’ Neck after a good night out at a gig or rock night.  Usually the heavier the band, the faster the headbanging.  I must declare an interest here – I’ve been into hard rock, heavy metal, classic rock et al since 1988 so I’ve seen a thing or two.

Slayer’s singer/bass player Tom Araya recently had an operation on his neck and has revealed that his headbanging was the cause of much of the pain he was suffering and he can no longer do his trademark helicopter headbang (Language advisory, best not to watch this at work). It’s an interesting and revealing interview because there is discussion of injury related pain and painkiller use.

Tom said that he can no longer headbang.  He has a titanium plate in his neck.  The message is clear: don’t overdo the headbanging.

The British Medical Journal has an interesting article on headbanging but there are a few bits I do wonder about.  Is there a lack of Clue at the BMJ?

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Let The BPI Know How You Feel: Boycott Them

The BPI have used the politicians to get their way.  Their Director of Communications is arrogant, a failed comedian and has a dodgy track record.

Now is your chance to let them know how you feel about the Digital Economy Bill.

The BPI proudly lists its members here.

Want to hit the BPI where it hurts them most?

It’s very easy.

Boycott the companies listed on these pages.  I’ve been boycotting Nestle and McDonalds for years, Tesco for a fair while too.  Another bunch of companies associating with the BPI are no problem to add to that list.

I declare that my family will no longer spend any money on products which support BPI members.

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Is Music Replacing Religion?

Interesting question and one which the University of Leicester’s Clive Marsh asks. Clive’s question and survey got me thinking again about how important music is in my life. Had it not been for a mix tape of Iron Maiden thrown in my direction by a friend I doubt that I would have bought the CDs, gig tickets, videos, DVDs, t-shirts and other merchandise that I did.

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