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Stripping Train Operating Companies

If you undertake a rail franchise you must be prepared to improve services for customers, not cut service provision to try and maintain a failing business. Charging customers to reserve seats didn’t go down very well. Cost cutting on new staff uniforms didn’t go down well either. As for cutting ticket office hours, that wasn’t a very bright thing to do. The delays in December didn’t help public perception. All this appears to have been done in the name of saving money so that the franchise can be maintained.

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Arriva Trains Wales Proposal Response

Remember I posted about Arriva Trains Wales recently?

Well, I e-mailed the Office Of The Rail Regulator with my thoughts, questions and perceptions.

I got a response the other day. Far better and a whole lot more informative than the response I got from Arriva Trains Wales when I had cause to contact them. So thanks to the folk at the Office Of Rail Regulation a) for reading my comments and questions and b) for explaining why things are the way they are.

The response is below for anyone who’s interested.

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