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Category: lack of Clue

PCB Continue To Alienate Themselves

In his continued arrogance, Butt has convinced the PCB to issue a legal notice to the ICC calling their decision to strip Pakistan of World Cup host status discriminatory and “legally flawed.” Does Butt seriously think that when his country cannot protect a cricket team and some officials anyone will seriously consider playing there unless there is concrete assurance from qualified security experys to the contrary? I wouldn’t. Ijaz Butt’s previous behaviour hasn’t covered himself or the PCB in glory.

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A Few Facts About Phorm For Newcomers

I went to bed last night doubting my own senses.  This doesn’t happen often but when I read late last night that Phorm seem to think that complaining to Proctor & Gamble about nappies is evil I really did wonder if someone had slipped something into the water supply.

A refreshing night’s sleep later and I find that it wasn’t tiredness or anything illicitly deposited in the water supply.  Phorm do genuinely think that complaining about nappies is a sign of evil.  In a move that’s more suited to teenage bitching and whining on MySpace, Phorm have created an anti-anti-Phorm site.

But guess what?  It’s a bit light on actual fact regarding some real issues.  Here’s a brief summary of real facts for people new to the debate.  I’ve tried to keep this as techie free as possible.  The links will explain in more detail.

Before you read on, please bear in mind two things:

One:  References are included here for you to verify quotes and sources.  These are facts, not some schoolboy smear campaign.

Two: There is no such thing as truly anonymous internet tracking data. You can be identified from internet tracking data, even if it is claimed to be anonymous.

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Lack Of Clue In The Cabinet Office

Once in a while, during one’s travels and travails, one comes across a lack of Clue so incredible, so profound, so unbelievable and so mind-bogglingly dim that one becomes stunned and amazed almost beyond belief. Already today we’ve had local news programmes reporting on how a school is being condemned for ensuring pupils adhere to its rules (call me old fashioned but when I was at school if you broke the rules you got punished) so it would have to be pretty spectacular to beat that. And this one is. It’s a real belter.

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Andy Burnham: Lack Of Clue Again

Is it just me who’s wondering what was going through Mr Burnham’s mind while he was reading those papers on that train? If it’s confidential then surely it deserves to be safely stored, an eagle eye kept on it and making sure it remains with you at all times?

I’ve got one question: If what Mr Burnham did was “unacceptable” (as mentioned in the BBC report) then why hasn’t he resigned?

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