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About Jamie

It’s Not About Tinfoil Hats

Please rid yourselves of any illusions you might have about tinfoil hats and wooden clogs: you won’t find any here.  What you will find is passion for many things, including

  • Technology
  • Transparency and due process
  • Privacy
  • Law (both good and bad)
  • Ethics
  • Public transport

Whatever bulldust you may have seen about me and others like me is baseless and intended to divert from the issues being highlighted.  Which usually means someone has been caught doing something potentially illegal, unethical or just plain lacking in Clue and is trying to distract from the points made here and elsewhere.

I am a techie, a fixer, organiser, problem solver, adviser and amny other things besides.  People come to me with their tech problems.  Maybe it’s an aura thing.  I have a clear sense of right and wrong; I hold my principles and beliefs very dearly but I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong.

This blog started when news of BT’s illegal and secret testing of Phorm’s technology broke.  I was convinced that this was illegal and started blogging to educate people about the facts.  Phorm’s PR people tried to get me “on side” but were rebuffed.  I am still here while Phorm have gone from country to country.

The BT and Phorm saga uncovered an unholy  mess of lies, cockups and refusals to enforce the law.  So much so that the European Commission is taking legal action against the UK government over its failure to enforce the EU law to which it is a signatory.  This sort of thing can leave one very cynical about government’s real beliefs and knowledge about technology.

The continued attempts by government to monitor all the communications of its citizens are offensive to the concepts of democracy and a free society.  Brown, Smith, Blunkett & Clarke tried to impose this on the United Kingdom. Now Cameron and May are trying to do the same.  This must be highlighted, campaigned against and fought.

Unless identified beforehand as a guest posting, content posted here is solely my opinion and should not be taken as representative of anyone with whom I am associated, whether professionally or personally.  I am not in receipt of any payment for what I write here.  If I think something is good I will say so.  If I think something is not good I will say so.

I don’t have the time to blog as much as I once did.  The sites mentioned in the Blogroll are all worth looking at since they provide excellent coverage of issues close to my heart.