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More Balls

Ed Balls is clearly upsetting a lot of people with his ideas and methods.  As a politician one cannot always be popular.  But there is a difference between making good yet hard decisions and conducting oneself like a repellent bully.  Mr Balls’ 5 yearly tests for teachers’ licenses is not a good yet hard decision.  It is completely lacking in Clue and typical of this “government” in that it refuses to even acknowledge the other issues in schools.

Over at The Spectator there are a couple more examples of Mr Balls at work.  This post didn’t go down well with Mr Balls, who took issue with being accused of mendacity and demanded that the post be removed.  Fraser Nelson is having none of it.  Read the comments on both posts; clearly I am not the only one with a dislike for Mr Balls.

Greg Hands writes on CentreRight about his experience of Brown, Balls and Balls staff at work.  It says a lot about Ed Balls as a person and his methods:

The overriding memory of this Prime Ministerial visit to my constituency is that Brown and Balls surround themselves with officials who might be even more hectoring and bullying than their masters.

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