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The Lights Are Off In 10 Downing Street

The resignation of Work & Pensions Secretary James Purnell from the Cabinet this evening has given the next few hours even more to discuss and contemplate.  Is this the cry of “Speak, hands, for me!” and stab of the dagger that has been awaited?

I’m off to bed so will be interested to discover what results I will awaken to with my cup of Darjeeling.  The Spectator’s Coffee House has heard a suggestion that David Miliband will resign tomorrow.

Earlier tonight, Adam Boulton outside 10 Downing Street for Sky News asked the camerman to pull back and show the whole of the frontage of number 10.  The picture said it all and Boulton merely stated the obvious:  “The lights are off in 10 Downing Street.”

The lights are going off here too.

Election results and the start of the World Twenty20 tomorrow.  Should be very interesting.

Nighty night.

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