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Sorry? Did I Hear That Right? The USA Is “Working Hard” To Get The Queen Invited To D-Day Commemorations?

I’ve made no secret of my belief that we need to learn from our history.  I’m also a believer in commemorating events of remembrance.  Armistice Sunday, Armistice Day, VE Day, VJ Day and D-Day in particular.  With every passing day there are fewer and fewer survivors of the World Wars, people whose stories need to be told and retold.

This year will be the 65th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.  It seems that  Gordon Brown somehow neglected to tell the French (who are organising this year’s commemorative event) that the Queen should be invited to the event.  The Queen who was alive during World War 2 and like many people alive then may well have feared that Britain would be invaded by Nazi troops.

After Ashes To Ashes last night, the BBC’s Justin Webb said that the United States were “working hard to get the Queen officially invited to the D-Day commemorations”.

I was dumbstruck.  Excuse me?  The United States is working hard to get the Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth “officially invited” to the D-Day commemorations?

It’s like the PCB announcing that they are working hard to get me officially selected for the next England cricket match!

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