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Getting Things Sorted: Some Companies Can Do It

My partner’s mother recently landed in Italy for a walking holiday.  Sadly her baggage didn’t make the same journey. Rather messes up the walking holiday when your boots and camera aren’t in the same country as you.

To their credit British Airways got the luggage to her quickly and when they said they would.  That’s good customer service: recognising that they bear responsibility for something that went wrong and acting promptly to resolve the issue and get the luggage to the customer.

I raise my cup of Darjeeling to BA.

I should also mention BT, whose care section now have a presence on Twitter called BTCare.  After blogging and tweeting about the recent unwanted changes, Cameron on BTCare asked if he could help and a couple of Direct Messages later, things were reset to their original settings.

There’s only so much one can communicate in 140 characters but BT should be complimented for using Twitter to resolve customers’ problems.

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