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Expensing Church Donations?

Julie Kirkbride has announced that she is standing down.  So has Elliott Morley (How do you forget that you’ve paid off a mortgage?), and Margaret Moran (stand down or face an angry Esther Rantzen at the next election).  At the risk of sounding like a punmeister there are serious questions over Cash (Yes, it’s a cheap gag because my teacup is empty).  Please can we see Ed Balls given the same inquisitorial treatment?

How low can things go?  How about expensing a £5 donation to a church? I wish this were some kind of sick joke but it isn’t:

Labour MP Frank Cook claimed back the cost of giving £5 to a church collection at a Battle of Britain memorial service

Regular readers will know that verbosity is something that seems inbuilt in me but even I am left stunned by this.

David Cameron has stolen yet another march on Gordon Brown by saying that he may order reselections.  I’d take that as a warning that if his MPs have anything slightly dodgy about their claims and they don’t do the decent thing, they will have it done for them.

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