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“We Are Failing The Test Of Civilisation”

Iain Dale’s piece in The Guardian is one of the politest condemnations of a “government” that I have seen.  Its obsession with control and monitoring of private citizens “justified” by the argument “we are protecting you from terrorism” is one of the most offensive aspects of its time in power.

The introduction could be said to apply to me as much to Iain Dale:

Looking back to the days before 1997, if you had asked me then whether I would consider myself a natural supporter of the campaign group Liberty and its director Shami Chakrabarti, I would likely have answered in the negative.

But, as Iain writes, those days have long gone.  Ask Jack Straw like I did.  Best of luck getting a reply.

It was Churchill who coined the phrase “The test of civilisation”.  Iain argues that this “government” is failing that test.

He isn’t wrong.

A good democratic government acts with decency (expenses, Gurkhas) and protects the privacy of its citizens (illegal DNA retention, CCTV monitoring, failing to enforce the law over Phorm and BT’s secret testing).

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