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Phorm In Smear Campaign Against NoDPI?

What was the name of Fenella The Witch’s spellbook in Chorlton And The Wheelies?  *goes off to try and find his Chorlton DVD*  Can’t find it so a quick check online reveals that it’s Claptrap von Spillderbeans. I seem to remember a relative calling him “The German Book of Dirty Tricks”.

After what I’ve been reading on the NoDPI forum about a completely unfounded smear campaign against Alexander Hanff (is Damian McBride working for Phorm now?), I’ve got this vision of people from Phorm dancing around in a giant black kettle looking for ideas on how to silence the pesky nuisances at NoDPI.

Claptrap says “Ein vicked spell that I do keep is here vithin my pages deep…”

Everyone in the kettle looks up at Claptrap

“Herr Alex now verks vith PI
Is he taking money on ze sly?
Any accusations about ze dosh
With filthy mud zose people vash”

Screams of joy fill the kettle and a couple of Toadies are sent out to do the deed…

Seriously, if this is what Phorm are descending to then they’ve got to be really scared.  All that money, all that PR and “reputation management” and still NoDPI is here.

Talking about reputation (which I’ve written quite a bit about), can Phorm’s reputation get any lower?

*I apologise unreservedly to my German and Austrian friends and readers for the sterotypical cod German used for Claptrap’s voice and for any implication of impropriety on their parts.

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