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Phorm Will “Get Short Shrift”

Derek Wyatt MP is the Co-Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into internet communications.

My two e-mails to the Chairmen and Vice Chairman of the Committee have been posted here on VFPJ.

I received a reply from Mr Wyatt yesterday morning.  You will recall that I expressed my concern to the Honourable Members Wyatt, Robertson and Willis that Phorm’s press release was an attempt to curry favour with the Committee, to attempt to gain preferential access to the Committee and relaxed terms of submission and also to suggest that there already exists a relationship between the Co-Chairmen and Phorm.

Mr Wyatt’s reply was short and simple:

They have not contacted us as if they do they’ll get short shrift

That’s pretty simple in any language.

The submission requirements are clearly specified and in the public domain.

Four pages is all Phorm get, Kent.  Just four A4 pages of legible type.  No additional paperwork, no PR brochures, “marketing communications” or anything like that.

Just four pages.

That’s four pages of facts, Kent.  Facts are things like cogently argued legal statements, attributable quotes and Freedom of Information responses.  The sort of stuff that makes good evidence.

I’ve got plenty of them Kent.  In fact my four pages are looking pretty damn good.  Not a word of spin on them.

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