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New Is To Labour As National Is To Socialism?

Here’s a comment I made in response to one of the many articles on The Register about BT, Phorm and the UK “government”.  This one was posted on 17th September 2008.

Be warned, I shoot from the hip in these comments.

Did People Really Expect…

A full and open response from a government hell bent on putting together an enforcement framework so oppressive that Reinhard Heydrich and Erich Honecker would be awestruck? The only thing that is transparent about that reply is that it is full of spin and bullshit.

Let’s not forget that neither Phorm nor BT have published the so-called “legal advice” they claim to have received, despite challenges to do so. Odd, that. Considering QCs love to sign their names to their legal opinions and have them published as much as they can.

Let’s not forget that the government has already said that it wants to keep data on every SMS text message, phone call, e-mail and all web traffic. Phorm is something this “government” wants desperately. This way it will be implemented by a company not related to the government so it can argue there’s less chance of a balls up.

The bottom line is that Phorm’s product is illegal. Citigate Dewe Rogerson had been quiet until recently. Perhaps they haven’t seen K*nt failing to answer the criticisms and legal arguments made by Dr Richard Clayton and Alex Hanff at It’s also a bit odd that over 5 months have passed since that footage was taken and there is still no “professional” footage of the event from 80/20 Thinking.

Another term of “New Labour” will ruin this country irrevocably. I’m already planning to emigrate if this lot get voted in again. My Latin teacher often said that “history repeats itself”. I watched a couple of documentaries about Nazi Germany last night. Spot the similarities…

“Data about almost everyone was collected by the Gestapo. The Gestapo reached into every aspect of German life.”

This “government”‘s desire to have one all seeing, all knowing database. Only this information won’t be on card files, it will be stored (and no doubt lost) electronically. More monitoring means this “government” will indeed be reaching into every aspect of our lives.

“Prisons were full to bursting. There was no room in them.”

Another claim from this “government” – prisons are full. They are full because of all the new and often poorly thought out “laws” designed to criminalise people, hiding behind one or two mantras.

“Campaigns to spread fear were widespread”

If someone’s taking photos, they’re a terrorist. If someone’s carrying a backpack, they’re a terrorist. If someone has two mobile phones, they’re a terrorist. If someone refuses to tell you where they are going, they’re a terrorist.

New is to Labour as National is to Socialism.

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One Comment

  1. Pete

    It is true.

    New Labour and Neo Fascism (in the literal rather than perjoritive sense of the word) seem philosophically inseparable.

    It is very frightening that members of the Labour Party can’t see that (or indeed, that they might actually want to achieve that end).

    I hope Labour soon enjoy a period of opposition (if they don’t abolish elections for the sake of completeness).

    If not I’ll be leaving with you Jamie.

    Of course, that assumes ID cards aren’t used to ‘manage’ emigration…

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