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Upgrading, Decluttering & A Nudge

WordPress recently announced version 2.6 and having checked the readmes and documentation like the good little techie I am, I’ve upgraded the installation. Looks good so far.

I’ve also been looking at different WordPress themes. Visitors here will have noticed a few different looks to the blog over recent times. Visitors to my websites will know that I’m a fan of Andreas Viklund’s templates – I’ve used them as the basis for my sites and other work. His coding is clean and clear which is an essential in my view. So I’m more than happy to recommend Andreas’ work.

The theme I’ve settled on for now is the WordPress port of Andreas-04 though I might end up testing some of his other themes too.

Got a nudge recently from a friend who wants to see more of what happens in my kitchen, saying that it’s far more interesting than whatever the cricketing bodies are messing up.

Methinks that was a subtle hint. More other stuff, less cricket. So I’ve added a few cricketing links in the form of Geoffrey Boycott, Tony Greig and Neil Manthorp and will try to post more non-cricket stuff. I did say that I couldn’t help it if cricket’s governing bodies were playing out something far more interesting than any soap opera.

Seriously, you couldn’t write something like the ICC, PCB and BCCI for television, it would be thrown out as being too fanciful.

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