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Amazon Opt-Out of Phorm’s WebWise

Woke up to an e-mail this morning which details a correspondence between Brian McBride and an Amazon customer.

The correspondence ends

I can confirm that we have emailed Webwise requesting we ‘opt-out’ for all of our domains.

Best regards
Brian McBride
Managing Director,

Another e-mail I have received confirms that LiveJournal have acted as detailed in an earlier post:

Dear LiveJournal user [**************]:

Thank you for your email. LiveJournal staff have already submitted an email requesting exclusion of and all of its subdomains from Webwise indexing.

LiveJournal Support Team

That’s two companies.  There are still more decisions to come from other internet “giants”.  If Amazon and LiveJournal are anything to go by, support for Phorm and Webwise is weakening.

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