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NoDPI Wants Answers From Phorm

Coo, is it really a year since I went to London and saw Dr Richard Clayton and Alexander Hanff arguing why Phorm’s Webwise “product” is illegal? Yup.  NoDPI have a few things to ask of Phorm about this year’s meeting which takes place today:

NoDPI notes that Phorm (LSE/AIM: PHRM.L) will be holding a Town Hall Meeting this coming Tuesday 7th April to review the events of the past twelve months and to explore Phorm’s role in the new media, social and economic landscape.

In the past twelve months many questions have been raised about Phorm’s activities and technology, and few have been satisfactorily answered.

NoDPI is therefore publishing this list of some of those questions for which it believes the public has a right to see clear answers.

There are 25 questions asked of Phorm.  Quite whether Phorm are willing to provide full answers to the public is really open to some debate.  I would say probably not, given how they have yet to publish a verifiable legal opinion confirming the legality of Webwise or publish the video footage from last year’s open meeting.  There is footage of the presentations from that open meeting here.  Unofficial and unedited.

The whole press release from NoDPI is well worth reading.

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