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VM Keep On Spinning

Having told Virgin Media “you’re fired” and had one customer care drone try to read their would be placatory spin to me, I got a call from another customer care bod later on. Again I was asked why I was leaving. Don’t these people make notes when they’re dealing with customers? Three times I have made my reasons for leaving clear to VM staff.

Again I told him why and again an attempt was made to try and spin the issue, saying that there are other ISPs and Phorm type technology out there. I’d had enough of the spin and bluster:

I’ve worked for 12 years in IT and have been following the anti-Phorm debate almost since it started. Spin it how you want, Phorm is something I do not need, do not want and I am leaving for an ISP that has clearly said they will not whore their customers’ details to the anyone who offers them money. VIrgin Media have had their chances and blown it. I’ve been constructive and honest but your two most recent responses were unacceptable. I don’t do spin unless I’m on the cricket field. Now I authorise you to transfer my phone number to BT. There is only one way Virgin Media would have retained my custom – dumping Phorm. You haven’t so I’m off.

That ended the conversation.

Even in finalising the arrangements to leave Virgin Media still tried to spin the Phorm issue.

I’ve just looked at Phorm’s share price again. Down to 687.5p.

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