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Phorm: Shoe On The Other Foot

It seems, to quote Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army, that Phorm “don’t like it up ’em!”.

Alexander Hanff at NoDPI has received a letter from Schillings, Phorm’s legal people.   It’s certainly a threat of legal action.  I think it’s intended for him but they got his surname wrong.  I was always taught that it was rude to get someone’s name wrong.  With the search tools provided on the internet and Alex’s profile in the campaign against Phorm and DPI it really isn’t rocket science to get his name right.

Pop on over to NoDPI to see the text of the letter from Schillings and Alex’s response.  Here’s part of his introduction to the post.

Below is an email from Phorm’s lawyers regarding a user posting a phone number listed as belonging to the CEO of Phorm on a third party web site.  It seems Phorm think it is fine for them to do whatever they wish with content published on a publicly available web page so long as no-one does the same with their data.  The irony is, Phorm’s CEO presumably published his phone number on the Internet in the first place and it is therefore his own negligence for his privacy that caused the problem.

One of the commenters after the post mentions a number of sites where contact telephone numbers for Phorm are shown.  A cursory search before starting to cook dinner shows…

  1. An 0870 number
  2. An 0870 number
  3. An 0870 number
  4. A local number not an 0870 number
  5. This one has his mobile number
  6. So does this one
  7. And this one too

All those sites have this information publicly available – no registration was needed in the gathering of this information.  Just me, Google and a few clicks.

Kent Ertugrul’s phone number appears to already be in the public domain.

Have a look at this thread for more discussion on this particular issue and a brief history of Phorm for any newcomers to the discussion.

I’m off to cook dinner.

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