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Ed Balls: The Truth Is What I Say It Is

A snippet from an excellent article by CCTV Star:

Now, in another frighteningly Orwellian move typical of NuLabour’s desperate urge to control, Ed Balls is seeking a new legal power to dictate the basic content of every public exam in England. Labour say that it’ll only be used as a last resort (which is just what they said about terror legislation – but I don’t think Iceland saw it that way).

This is Gordongrad.

Go and read the full article at CCTV Star’s blog.

What was it I said about 1984 being a warning rather than an instruction manual?

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  1. Ta for the link, it’s appreciated.

    I thought it rather odd that this story was buried so deeply on the site rather than being front page news. Then it struck me that it was the Guardian, and it all became clear.

    Like the site, will put a link up to it.

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