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IWF At It Again

It seems that self appointed, unacountable quango that is the Internet Watch Foundation has decided that the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine – an 85 billion page web history dating back to 1996 – is a hotbed of kiddie porn and has added it to whatever list it declares as “unsuitable and illegal viewing”.  Demon Internet (now owned by Thus) is reported as blocking access to the entire site.

The IWF clearly hasn’t learned from its last foul up, which gained The Scorpions much publicity and the IWF itself an imperial shedload of brickbats.  There is an interesting article which mirrors a lot of my thoughts (as well as many other net users sick of self appointed do-gooders whose intentions may be noble but whose actions lack common sense) at Pangloss’ blog.  Note the comments about Out-Law, who I have commented on previously.

In that previous post I wrote something which still applies:

Noble intentions can’t save you from the consequences of making poor decisions.  There is a discussion to be had and there are questions to be answered.

As of 1111 today neither Demon Internet or the IWF have responded to The Register’s requests for statements and explanations.

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