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English Cricketers Polled – No Faith In ICC

Cricinfo reports that “Eighteen percent of first-class cricketers in England would risk incurring a year-long county ban by the ECB to play in the next Indian Cricket League (ICL), and 35% would consider retiring from international cricket prematurely, according to a survey conducted by the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA).” An interesting discussion about the results of the poll follows. With the ECB’s ban on ICL players still in force I still think this particular issue will end up in the courts.

However, the final paragraph of the report is the one that is the most damning. It speaks for itself…

“Following today’s news that Malcolm Speed, the ICC chief executive, has been ousted from his post, the survey also revealed cricketers’ dissatification with the governing body with 64% of England players having no confidence in the ICC and 57% believing decisions are made along party lines and not in the interest of cricket.”

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