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Cameron Told To Drop Snooping On Web Users

Today’s Times carries a very interesting front page with the same headline as this post’s title.

Liberal Democrat Stephen Tall’s blog has an analysis of the article and names three of the nine cybersecurity experts who have reportedly challenged the Coalition “government” to drop this cock eyed and illiberal scheme.

VFPJ has been against any kind of state monitoring of the internet since the Labour “government” first mooted the idea.  In 2009 I politely told the APCOMMS committee that Parliament is clueless in dealing with technical issues and should seek the advice of a committee of independent experts.  Given that they have not, I would dearly like to know the names and qualifications of those who have told the “government” that this monitoring scheme is a technically feasible and good idea.

Let’s see who the control freaks really are.  Let’s put their ideas out to peer analysis.

Update: Big Brother Watch has a report including the text of the letter sent to David Cameron.  You will see one of the points made is strikingly similar to those made in the campaign against Phorm.

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