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The Final Chapter Of Andrew Crossley? Suspended For 2 Years

Today saw the disgraced, discredited bully Andrew Crossley up before the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal on 7 charges relating to ACS:Law’s (his former company, since shut down) harassment of alleged file-sharers.  ISPreview’s commentary on proceedings is worth reading, particularly the section dealing with how, even though declared bankrupt, Crossley still lives the high life.  Crossley has also still to pay the fine levied on him by the ICO.

I understand that Crossley is contesting the charge relating to the data breach. Here’s what I wrote about that incident – I hope the SDT isn’t stupid enough to fall for Crossley’s lame excuses.

Crossley has been exposed as a bullying lowlife.  If the SDT has any ethics and guts at all they will disbar him.  This would put them someway ahead of the gutless, toothless ICO.  But regular readers will already know how weak the ICO is.

Crossley’s callous disregard for due process should be enough to see him thrown out of the legal profession for good – his bullying selfishness demonstrates an unacceptable lack of ethics which has no place in the legal profession.

Does the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal have the cojones to do the right thing?  Time will tell.

UPDATE: Crossley has been suspended for two years and must pay costs of £76,500.

As a punishment for all the stress he has caused and contempt he has shown for many innocent people, that a punishment was levied is good.  That it was as paltry as this is disappointing.  That said, the SDT has at least shown more balls than the ICO.

One can only hope that this means Crossley’s time in the legal profession is now at an end. He has been exposed by the people he attempted to initimidate, discredited by the courts and now rejected by his peers.  To those who campaigned and worked to bring Crossley to justice I drink a toast.  That must include HH Judge Birss.  The UK legal system and Internet Service Providers must take a long, hard look at themselves over their handling of these issues.

Those associated with ACS:Law must also bear their shame.  The likes of Terence Tsang (now believed to be calling himself Terence Jintin) deserve to be remembered in the same breath, although he appears to have escaped censure here.  The publication of the SDT statement may shed some light on the reasoning behind the sentence.

Shed no tears for Crossley and his like.

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  1. jarco

    I hope this guy stays broke and poor for life. Let him see how hard it is for “regular people” to pay these amounts for music and video.

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