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ACS:Law & MediaCAT Shut Down?

TorrentFreak reports some very good news if, like me, you believe that the so-called speculative invoicing (aka bullying innocent people) trade is unethical and wrong.

According to a document seen by TorrentFreak, both ACS:Law and their copyright troll client MediaCAT have just completely shut down their businesses.

TorrentFreak’s analysis is spot on – Crossley refusing to take responsibility and acting like a spinshyster (no, I won’t get political here even though it’s very tempting) and the points made further on in the article are also relevant (my emphasis)

“MediaCAT’s status as a private limited company may not protect [MediaCAT owner Lee Bowden] from personal legal liability for the costs that will be demanded by the defendants of the claims MediaCAT brought…  ACS:Law was not a limited company in any sense. Mr Crossley will remain entirely and personally liable for all the actions of his firm.”

My previous comments about Crossley and ACS:Law still stand.  Crossley is simply trying to protect his ass from the serious heat it deserves from the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal.  I will deal with the ICO in an upcoming post.  I haven’t forgotten that bunch of incompetent wastes of space.

By closing his operation down he is hoping that the SDT will look upon Crossley  as someone who has seen the error of his ways. Which, I suggest, is absolute b*ll*cks.  Crossley hasn’t had a Damascus Road conversion.  He is panicking because Judge Birss has seen through the spin, seen the whole speculative invoicing thing for what it is – a bullying scam – and looks determined to expose it to a well overdue proper scrutiny.

Crossley’s cash cow has been captured and looks likely to be slaughtered in the abbatoir of due process and proper examination.  (Sorry to any vegetarians who are upset by the analogy).

Crossley probably remains a wealthy person.  Unlike many of those his company harassed.  Crossley must not be allowed to repackage his practices or his business.  We must continue to expose Crossley and ACS:Law’s methods so that their names stands as bywords for unethical conduct, bullying innocent people and ignorance of due process (you know, the one where you PROVE someone is guilty).

I call upon the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal to deliver the harshest punishment it can.  Andrew Crossley is a stain on the good reputation of the legal professionals I know.  They must ban him from practising with or associating with the legal profession in any way, shape or form.  Is it too much to hope that those who were Crossley’s accomplices also get such a punishment?

Justice demands it.

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