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SouthEastern Trains – The Private Police State

SouthEastern and the British Transport Police have some serious questions to answer over their use of Railway Enforcement Officers.

From You’ve Been Cromwelled:

Last night I had the “pleasure” of being detained against my will not by the police but by Rail Enforcement Officers who operate on the South Eastern rail services. What did I do wrong? I took a picture of these Rail Enforcement Officers and when they asked me to see and then remove the pictures from my phone I refused. Apologies for the long-winded post below, however it raises some very serious questions.

Here’s the story…

Making my way back from a BBQ yesterday I had the need to use the services of South Eastern Rail from Gravesend. When I arrived at the station I noticed two men in hi-vis vests and wondered whether they were the infamous Rail Enforcement Officers I’d heard stories about:

Read how Railway Enforcement Officers care nothing for the law of the land, how they think they have powers they do not actually have and how they seek to bully and intimidate innocent people.

SouthEastern and the British Transport Police have been asked some serious questions.  Do they have the balls to give honest, serious answers?

It is time to put an end to uniformed thugs stomping around bullying people, whether the thugs are in the Police or are “wannabe Police” who think they have powers just because they wear a uniform.

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