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Election Day: Vote For Change

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m voting Conservative in today’s general election.  A lot of VFPJ is about the failure of the Labour “government”, particularly its complicity with and failure to answer questions about its involvement with Phorm and BT.

This “government” did nothing to prevent the illegal interception of thousands of internet users’ activity.  If your ISP is BT Internet then you could well have been one of those people.  This “government” allowed blatant breaches of a law it enacted (RIPA) and then refused to take action against those who broke it.

A vote for Labour is a vote to continue to allow personal information to be retained and whored out to anyone prepared to pay.

A vote for Labour says “It’s OK to do nothing to protect peoples’ privacy and ignore the law because a corporation wants to ignore it.”

One line I heard on a train was short and sweet:

Britain is broke and broken. Five more years of Brown and it will be b******d!

It’s an opinion that is difficult to argue with.  In a previous post I wrote that

The “New Labour generation” isn’t about doing the right thing, proper respect for oneself and others and taking responsibility for one’s actions.  It is about “I want this now, I want it on my terms and if you don’t give it to me I will bully and threaten you.”

Until we see more police on the street, properly trained in the law and how to use their common sense (which means not harassing photographers) and making a positive difference against criminal behaviour the New Labour generation will continue on its destructive way.

A vote for Labour is a vote to continue along that path.

As well as writing about Phorm, BT and some of the failures this “government” I wrote about Broken Britain to wake Alan Johnson up from his fantasy world.  I challenged Jack Straw on his deluded ideas about civil liberties.  I took Stephen Pound to task for his ignorance.

A vote for Labour is a vote to allow the murder of civil liberties, the increase of the surveillance society and more state intervention in our private lives.

I don’t deal in spin unless I’m on the cricket field.  I deal in facts and I’m still waiting to be proved wrong on any of those issues.

Alexander Hanff wrote to a Labour PPC about what the Labour “government” has done.  Everyone should read it.

There is only one way to get rid of Brown, Mandelson, Balls, Johnson, Straw, Harman and those responsible for making this country broke and broken.  They cannot be allowed near positions of power and influence.  A hung Parliament will give Brown the chance to cling on to power.  That cannot happen.

Vote Conservative.

That’s what I’m going to do right now.  People fought and died for our right to vote.  By voting Conservative you are doing the right thing for the country and honouring the memory of those who gave their lives to preserve that right.

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