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Wigan Council’s Health Fascism Over A Cheese Sarnie

You really couldn’t make this up:

staff at a nursery in Pemberton, near Wigan, have confiscated a cheese sandwich belonging to a two-year-old pupil, Jack Ormisher. Its failing was to contain neither lettuce nor tomato.

Sadly, predictably, this isn’t some off-the-reservation jobsworth acting out on an unsanctioned limb. This is exactly what Wigan Council says should happen, because of course they know more about how to bring up children than parents do:

Wigan Council has since confirmed that the straight-up combination of cheese and bread contravenes its healthy eating guidelines — and fully supported the cheese-snatchers. “The centre has a list of recommended healthy food, according to national guidelines, which children are encouraged to eat,” said a spokesman. “A cheese sandwich would not feature on the list.”

In colloquial parlance I believe the correct term to use is “WTF?”  You may choose to use your own stronger exclamation of disbelief if you like.

Let’s get a few things straight.  Nowhere in law does it say that any public body has the right to dictate how we make the food we eat.  Wigan Council are totally out of order in supporting the confiscation of his sandwich.  If any local authority busybody tries to come into my house and tell me how I should make food to comply with his programming they will get a V600 round the head.  Or a cheese slicer inserted somewhere very painful.

The Little One here likes his cheese on toast.  That’s the (unholy according to Wigan Council) combination of toasted bread and a good mature cheese.  I’m also quite partial to a cheese toastie – a mix of Double Gloucester or Red Leicester and cheddar make for a fine sandwich.  Are either of us obese?  No.  Are either of us fast food addicts? No.  Eating the occasional cheese sarnie is not going to send your BMI stratospheric.  A fact that Wigan Council seem oblivious to.

A cheese sandwich on its own does not have lettuce and tomato.  That would take it towards the realms of a cheese salad sandwich.  There is a big difference between the two.  For one thing, you can’t make a good toastie out of a cheese salad sandwich.  Cheese and pickle, cheese and onion are sandwiches you can make good toasties from.  Not cheese salad.  Luke Leitch has a few more suggestions about the Wigan Council deemed unholiness that is the cheese sandwich in all its glory.

If Wigan Council is so obsessed with its healty eating guidelines then is it acting to close the fish & chip shops, pie shops, the kebab outlets, fast food outlets and other vendors of things that surely won’t be on their list of good things to eat?

I doubt it very much.

That is hypocrisy, stupidity and pettiness of the worst kind.

By its actions Wigan Council has superbly demonstrated levels of half-wittedness and lack of Clue I had hoped would never be seen from a local authority.  I note that there wasn’t anyone from Wigan Council prepared to have their name associated with this child-scaring, food snatching half-wittedness.  Can’t think why that would be.

I’ve got a simple message for the Joyce Redfearn, Chief Executive of Wigan Council:

Where do you get off taking a cheese sandwich from a child?  That’s what the local authority you lead is doing.

To me Wigan used to be known for rugby league, nice pies and Maxime’s.

Now it is associated with snatching food from 2 year old kids.

Nice one, Joyce.

I hope you’re proud.

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