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Crazy Domains Slapped Down

Last month I wrote about Crazy Domains and how their tasteless advertising campaign raised the ire of a number of Australian women.  The company’s MD, one Gavin Collins filed an appeal.  I wrote at the time

The text of Collins’ appeal letter is interesting.  In some ways it smacks of the smear tactics attempted by Phorm.  It definitely smacks of complete ignorance of the validity of the complainants.  Just like Phorm.  Just like Phorm tried to slate Alexander Hanff about his complaint to a nappy maker so Mr Collins has launched into an attack on Logansrogue both in his response to the initial ASB enquiry and his appeal.

Well the adjudication is in…

And it’s not good for Gav.  You’ll need to go here and search for “Crazy Domains” to read the full adjudications.

Here’s a tasty morsel for you to tempt you into dropping by the ASB site

Originally there were 16 complaints, 7 complainants responded to the appeal and made further
submissions. They all rejected the notion that they had been motivated to complain out of
malice. Their submissions were directed to the Code and its meaning. There is no evidence that the
complaints were contaminated by the alleged campaign and no basis for suggesting that the ASB
was manipulated.

That’s the politest “Shut up!” I’ve ever seen.  There’s a cracking bit about the alleged “inconsistency” of the ASB, but for that you’ll have to go to the ASB site.  It’s very polite but it’s one hell of a slap down.

As MD of an internet company I’m sure Gav is familiar with the use of the word “fail” in various memes.  And will no doubt recognise the image I’m referring to when I say to him

Welcome to Fail. Population: You

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  1. softmutt

    I’m not easily shocked but…Revolting advert…Staggered it ever got aired! What a twat the MD was for appealing!
    Interesting blog hun. :)

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