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Who Does Your Vote Get?

It’s a genuine question.  There is much speculation about a hung Parliament and potential coalition governments.  Is tactical voting a sensible idea?

Here’s my view on the issue.

There’s a simple bottom line behind my thinking:

The current excuse for a “government” must not be returned to power.  Brown, Balls, Straw, Harman, Johnson et al and especially Mandelson must not be allowed anywhere near positions of power and influence.  That cabal and its followers have done more than enough damage to this country.

There has been much discussion of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.  A lot of people I know have said that they will be voting for the Lib Dems at the election.  To them I say this:

Mr Clegg comes across as a decent, honourable man (unlike the current Prime Minister).  However, some of his ideas are flawed while others lack substance.  Yes, the LibDems came out well in the Digital Economy Bill fisaco but whichever government is elected there is still a need to educate them in technical issues.

It also demonstrated that politics still needs a bath in Jeyes Fluid and scrubbing down with a wire brush.

But here’s the real killer for any idea of voting LibDem.  These are the words of Lord Ashdown (himself a man of noble reputation)

“Nick Clegg cannot work with David Cameron… We could not go into a coalition with the Tories, it wouldn’t work… A coalition is not an option for us. The parties are too far apart.”

If the LibDems won’t work with the Conservatives then that means they would work with Labour.

That can’t be allowed to happen.  No member of the current “government” or New Labour party can be allowed anywhere near Ministerial position.  Whoever the Labour leader may be.

The message is clear: Vote Clegg get Brown. Or Mandelson.

Mr Clegg’s interview this morning has left a few people confused as to whom the LibDems would work if they held the balance of power.  Another reason not to vote Lib Dem.  You don’t know who your vote will get into Number 10.

A vote for Labour is almost certainly a vote for the expansion of Gordongrad into Petergrad.  If Labour do win the election it won’t be long before Mandelson’s supporters spread the poison and remove Brown.  Mandelson will then ooze into the Prime Minister’s role.  He will become the second unelected Labour prime minister in my memory.

And then God help us all.

The message is clear: Vote Brown get Mandelson.

There are no such machinations going on in the Conservative party.  A vote for the Conservatives will help put David Cameron in 10 Downing Street.  The only way the repair work can begin is to vote Brown out and Cameron in.

The message is clear: Vote Cameron get change that Britain needs.

That is the only voting decision that needs to be made.

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