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BCA Throw In The Towel

The British Chiropractic Association has thrown in the towel and dropped its case against science writer Simon Singh.  This means that Simon has won his case after dedicating two years of his life and over £200,000 to defending his opinions.

Simon’s case has highlighted the desperate need for the reform of libel laws in the UK.  It has also highlighted the issues of claims made by some alternative health practitioners and genuine scientific discussion.

That Simon has won his case is good news.  Libel reform is needed now.  It needs to be a major overhaul to prevent libel tourism and legal bullying (this story from The Spectator about Charlie Whelan comes to mind).  As Simon says (I did try not to say that, honest!) “The case is not quite over”.

If the BCA has any honour it should now pay all of Simon’s legal costs from this case.  It was the BCA who instigated the legal battle.

Do read the Sense About Science report on the BCA climbdown.  It is well worth reading.

I raise my cup of Darjeeling to Simon for having the massive determination to fight his corner and be the catalyst for change in the UK libel laws.

Simon, you rock!

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