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Parliament Shows Its Ignorance

In May 2009 I completed my submission to the APComms Committee inquiry “‘Can we keep our hands off the net?’ The role for Government over Internet traffic”.  In it I wrote

I contend that the failure… is symptomatic of the lack of understanding that government has about technical issues.  It is vital that the Committee realises this and takes action to ensure that all future governmental deliberations and dealings with these issues are done so with a sizeable presence of and critical input from independent experts who are clearly seen to have no connections with companies or bodies involved in those issues.

Today all parties in the House Of Commons demonstrated their ignorance of internet and technical issues by helping to push the Bill through.  Today those words are as true as ever they were.  Lord Vested Interest Clement-Jones should not have been allowed to amend the bill in its Lords stage.

The Digital Economy Bill serves only the vested interests of organisations like the BPI (and that’s a real dinosaur name. Phonograph? We moved on from that years ago!), UK Music and the “entertainment” companies.  And not only did this pathetic excuse for a “government” buy into the questionable statistics but the opposition parties fell for it too.  Here’s a typical example of the BPI and its use of questionable statistics.

If piracy and P2P are such a problem then perhaps the BPI will explain this news?  Is that damaging the industry? Doesn’t look like it to me.  Tom Royal’s tweet sums it up nicely.

Today Parliament demonstrated its ignorance.  Across all parties.

Every MP should hang their head in shame.  Especially those who didn’t bother to attend the House of Commons and press for full debate.  This is how the House of Commons looked during the debate.

A question for Jeremy Hunt, the Shadow Culture & Media secretary.  If you are faced with legislation that is flawed, why vote it through in the first place? Vote it out and get it resubmitted as a better piece of legislation.

If I can figure that out why can’t you?

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  1. softmutt

    It’s hugely flawed = waste of public money & Court time being taken up over nothing.

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