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Unison Spreading Fear Through Propaganda

It should come as no surprise as we head towards a General Election that Unison comes along with a piece of pathetic fear spreading propaganda as a pro-Labour campaign.  Before I respond to this piece of garbage with some clear and simple home truths, let me make my stance clear.

Your average leftie may well start to rant about me being anti-union.  That is complete and utter garbage.  I speak as a former workplace union rep.  I am not anti-union nor am I anti management.  I am anti poor peformance, anti-stupidity and anti-impracticality.  Wherever it may come from, whether it is workers or management.  My response to an article by Harry Phibbs is one such example.  Some good ideas, some others not practical (in my view).

In my experience neither side holds the monopoly on best practice.  Neither holds the monopoly on half-wittedness.  And the local authorities I’ve seen have plenty of areas where things can be massively improved.  Note how I say improved and not cut.  Service provision can be improved by thorough assessment, review and retargeting.  Waste should be cut.  It’s not rocket science, it’s best value.  I speak from personal experience here.  Real world experience from both sides of the equation.

Council call centres and telephone lines in general seem to be some of the worst around.  I’ve written about call centres generally and how many of them could be improved.  I can’t say too much about one particular council as there is a formal complaint going in, but I can say that calls to a particular section are often left unanswered, terminated or get a response “Sorry, full, please call again”.  Challenging that last one when I finally got through (after over 20 attempts) got the response “The answering system can only record so many calls”.

Do UNISON call that excellent service? I don’t.

Then there’s the genrally dismissive and bad attitude of the staff in that section and their failure to return calls or e-mails.

Do UNISON call that excellent service? I don’t.

How about the garbage and recycling collectors that have repeatedly left our recycling while collecting everyone else’s?  Which reminds me, I should have had a formal response to my FIFTH complaint by now – that’s right, this has happened five times.

Do UNISON call that excellent service? I don’t.

Then there’s another local council whose contractors’ work doesn’t seem to be audited.  Poor planning, pathetic communication, refusal to engage with the householder because their working patterns don’t fit those of the surveyors, complete ignorance of the requirements of the disabled customer.

Do UNISON call that excellent service? I don’t.

The UNISON propaganda piece says that 999 call answerers will be cut.  Given what I’ve read from people who work for the ambulance services there seem to be a fair number of them who don’t understand that a 999 call is for emergencies.  Sending an ambulance out when the local healthcare provision is far more appropriate is a waste of emergency resources.  Sounds to me like there’s a need for retraining or restaffing there.

Sending out emergency ambulances for non-emergencies is not a good use of resources.  Do UNISON call that excellent service? I don’t.

The UNISON propaganda piece says that hospital cleaners will be cut.  Given the events surrounding MRSA and infections over the last few years I’d suggest that hospital cleaning is an area that needs a thorough overhaul.  Over the last few months I have seen some excellent hospital wards and some poor hospital wards.

Surely UNISON would agree that we need all hospital wards to be at the excellent standard?

The UNISON propaganda piece says that teaching assistants will be cut.  This “government” has already shown that it hasn’t got a clue about education, preferring to try and brainwash rather than educate.  A better way to deal with education is to sack incompetent and overpaid LEA staff, headteachers and “consultants” (there are a few I could name) and spend the money saved to get TAs in the classroom to support teachers, cutting out the mountains of paperwork teachers have to face and on measures to return discipline to the classroom.

Surely UNISON would agree that wasting money anywhere is wrong and wasting money in education is criminal?

The UNISON propaganda piece says that PCSOs will be cut.  PCSOs are not proper police.  I want to see real police out on the beat, being active and being seen to be active in their communities.  I can’t remember last time I saw my local copper.  Cut the CCTV cameras and train police to use common sense (so that they don’t harass photographers pursuing their livelihoods and/or hobbies) which can be allied to the rulebook instead of being supplanted by a robotic programming of it.  The public is losing confidence in those who are supposed to protect and serve them.  That cannot be a good thing.

Surely UNISON would agree that we need a police force that is active in the community, seen to be active in the community and which has the trust of the public?

There’s a pattern here.  UNISON are arguing in favour of the status quo.  This is the status quo.  Maintaining the status quo is not acceptable.

In my experience and view there are many areas where public services must be improved.  That’s improved, not cut.  Improvement comes about through a thorough review process.  Is that what UNISON is scared of?  That thorough reviews will uncover where improvements can be made?

Why are UNISON arguing against improving public services and trying to spread fear?

What are UNISON hiding?

Why are UNISON so afraid of public services being open to scrutiny?


Thanks to Guido Fawkes for higlighting one thing UNISON might be scared of: the number of “non-jobs” in the public sector.  Not sure what I mean?  Let the Taxpayers’ Alliance come to your aid…

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