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Over 2000 Say “I Am A Photographer Not A Terrorist”

Today saw a gathering in London by an estimated 2000 amateur and professional photographers in protest at the continued harassment of photographers by Police and “authorities” such as private security guards.  Regular readers will not be surprised by my attendance at this gathering.  There is a common law right to take photographs in public areas which is being eroded by the misuse of Section 44 of the 2000 Terrorism Act.

Professional photographers, bus spotters, train spotters, people who enjoy architecture and more are being treated as if they were terrorists; arrested, subjected to searches and unlawfully detained by Police misusing section 44 and completely lacking in common sense in so doing.

There is a Flickr group containing photos from the Mass Photographers’ Gathering that is well worth a look.  I’m in there somewhere else too, along with a selection of photos from my own set.

I heard about it through Twitter.  That’s another demonstration of vox populi for those who think Twitter is a waste of time.

Any state that arrests people taking photos of buses, trains, planes and buildings for their own personal enjoyment, believing them to be terrorists has lost any claim to legitimacy or true democracy.

I am a Photographer, Not a Terrorist.

Being vigilant does not excuse being stupid.

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