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GPs As Careers Advisors?

Since when have GPs been career advisors?  I ask this because today I saw a GP completely contradict what they had said to a patient a couple of months ago.  GPs are paid a very good salary to provide healthcare and advice related to healthcare.

They are not paid to lecture patients on careers about which they know nothing.  They are not paid to offer financial advice.  They are not paid to offer advice on issues to do with housing.

Don’t offer advice on subject and situations about which you know precious little.  If you want to do something to help improve the situation then ask “What can I do to help improve the situation?” and the patient will tell you.

Did you know that you actually added to the stress your patient was feeling?  Not a very sensible thing to do really.  Thanks very much for that, more clearing up mess not of my own making.  Really helpful stuff.

Next time I think the patient will be seeing a different GP.

One who actually listens, considers and then offers constructive advice.

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