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PCC Wants To Regulate UK Bloggers

In a disturbing article, Ian Burrell describes how the chair of the the Press Complaints Commission wants the supposed “watchdog” to have jurisdiction over blogs, suggesting that blogs do not have the same right of reply that they offer people offended by newspapers.

My response to Baroness Buscombe, whose ill-considered neo-New Labour idea is described above is a plain and simple “Get stuffed!”

Bloggers write about issues that are important to them, issues about which they can write with far more knowledge than the mainstream media, issues which the mainstream media think aren’t worth any coverage because they don’t sell newspapers.

This isn’t about ensuring equality and right of reply.  This is about protecting vested interests.  Trying to seize control of everything is typical of this New Labour “government” and the unaccountable quangocracy which it has engendered.

Take, for example, the UK government’s complicity with Phorm and BT which resulted in several thousand breaches of EU and UK privacy legislation.  Which the mainstream media ignored until the backlash from the techie and internet user community meant it could no longer be ignored.

Take the troughing MPs, Smeargate and other conduct which might not otherwise come to light highlighted by Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale and others.

Take the excellent critical analysis of projects, companies and behaviours done in blogs all over the internet.

Individual thought from individual people.  Something that this New Labour “government” loathes.

That’s why they want to control blogs.  A pathological fear and loathing of individual thought.

I place more trust in the blogs and sites I read than the mainstream media because they write with far more knowledge.  Like me they don’t get paid for what they write so they don’t have an editorial slant or spin to put on things to ensure they’re able to pay their bills at the end of the month.

Like the ICO the PCC isn’t exactly what I’d call a proper watchdog.  A proper watchdog has teeth and isn’t afraid to bite.  A watchdog stands there and says “If you come in I’ll bite you somewhere very painful”.  A watchdog makes people think “I’d better not get involved there or I will regret it.”  When did the ICO or PCC last make a transgressor regret what they had done?

No self appointed quango is going to regulate what I write here or anywhere else.  The law of the land is sufficient.

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