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Month: July 2010

All I Hear Is Phorm

Like a nasty strain of venereal disease that just won’t go away, Phorm somehow seems to keep hanging on and showing up somewhere that hasn’t encountered its unpleasantness.  Kent Ertugrul’s company is said to be looking at China (a nice match that as China is no fan of privacy) and is trialling in Brazil.  Of course what Kent calls trialling and what you or I would call trialling may well be two very different things.

Let’s be honest here, veracity isn’t something Phorm have a very good track record in.  There has been some discussion on internet forums in Brazil about Phorm and its invasive (and illegal under UK and EU law) product. Then of course there’s the smear campaign website.  In short there’s nothing about Phorm to indicate that they are trustworthy in any respect.

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John Howard: Woe Is Me! Updated

The ICC (supposedly cricket’s governing body) has found itself in the spotlight with the rejection of former Aussie PM John Howard from the post of ICC President.  World cricket has its factions, at least when Lalit Modi isn’t throwing a strop and the boards are falling into line like good little sheep (and I could use a far stronger word here), and Howard’s rejection has opened up some debate on those factions and the reasons for it.

The reactions themselves are generally predictable but there are two which deserve highlighting for their crass stupidity and one for its spot on analysis.

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