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Month: October 2009

UK Now On Final Notice Over Phorm

Phorm and the UK “government” might just come to realise that the backlash against internet snooping and illegal DPI based advertising is a serious one.

The EU has announced that it is moving to the second phase of its proceedings against the UK government over its failure to enforce laws protecting internet users’ privacy.

Nazi war criminals are still prosecuted for their crimes from years ago. Other criminals are prosecuted for their crimes in previous years. Why shouldn’t those involved in allowing these crimes to happen face judicial process?

Those involved in the collaboration with BT and Phorm, whoever they are, whatever their status and regardless of for whom they were working must face the courts.

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Vox Populi: Lessons And Points To Remember

The voice of the people is something that will become increasingly heard more and more.  The responses to the Trafigura/Carter-Ruck attempted gagging of reporting Parliament and now the huge backlash in response to a bile filled, vitriolic article by Jan Moir about the untimely death of Stephen Gately have amply demonstrated this.

The first was a complete miscalculation by a company whose dumping deeds in Africa were about to be exposed and who thought they could use the law to gag something that had already been declared ungaggable.  People at Trafigura may well have been thinking “Oh hell, this could be very embarrassing, we need to protect ourselves and quick. Let’s get some “reputation management” done” when they picked up the phone.

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When Twitter Took 333 off Trafigura & Carter-Ruck

Cricket fans will know the test match to which I allude here.

It’s the summer of 1990 at Lord’s.  England are playing India.  Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin wins the toss and invites England to bat.

Captain and opening batsman Graham Gooch takes the Indian attack for 333 runs in an England first innings total of 653/4.

After the match Mohammad Azharuddin insisted that his decision to insert England was the right one.  Even though Gooch hammered another 123 runs in his second innings and England won by some distance.  When an opposition batsman hits 450-plus off your bowling, you’ve made a big mistake. You might not be keen to publicly admit it even though the rest of the world can see it’s a big mistake but it remains a big mistake nonetheless.

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