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Month: July 2009

Royal Mail Fail. Again

Eventually (12 minutes, better than BT, Virgin Media, HP and Dell in my considerable experience) I got through to an operative who was apologetic that correct procedure had not been followed. Surely when something says “Private & Confidential” that means there is personal information inside and the letter needs to be handled with due care and attention? When the sender has paid for a signature from the recipient surely the post person should ensure that obligation is fulfilled and obtain the signature?

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Police & Photography: Stupidity, Incompetence or Arrogance?

Is it not ironic then that Kent Police have several items of photographic equipment up for auction?

From where did they get these items? One has to wonder if any of them were wrongly seized by officers quoting the wrong legislation.

What is done with the personal information of those who buy any of these items? Do they go onto a little database of subversives, terrorists and photographers? Are the buyers apprehended when they arrive at a Kent Police station to collect them? Or do they get their doors kicked down in the middle of the night in a raid where all the person’s computer and photographic kit gets seized?

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Nationwide Opt-Out Of Phorm

We have had discussions with our online advertising agency on Phorm and as a result of this review we have decided to contact Phorm and ask them not to scan the Nationwide website. Investigating the service that they are looking to offer, we do not see the benefit to our customers or to us of allowing them to scan the Nationwide website in this way.

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2nd Ashes Test, Day 2

Ponting’s glare at Koertzen before walking off was another display of petulance and lack of respect for the umpire and the Spirit Of Cricket. Class batsman he might be but any talk about others not playing in the Spirit Of The Game is hypocrisy. The umpire gives a decision, you accept it and if you’re out, you walk off. You don’t glare at the umpire.

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Police Stupidity

During my childhood I heard considerably more that was derogatory about the Police than was positive. I’m sure you know the kind of thing. Coppers are thick, coppers can’t read or write unless they’ve got stripes on their arm and all that kind of thing.

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