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Month: June 2009

Ed Balls: Another Good Reason Not To Vote Labour

In conclusion Mr Balls, your latest idea may be well intentioned but is deeply flawed. Once you have given schools and teachers back the authority to enforce discipline and made it clear to parents that they have a responsibility to teach their children to respect schools and teachers then you can start looking at ideas for certification and CPD.

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Tastelessness In Advertising

So where did the training and awareness process fail at Habitat? The “overenthusiatic intern” lacks Clue and perhaps a level of ethics but Habitat itself should accept that it has failed in a very public and humiliating way. Habitat needs to publicly acknowledge that there are lessons to be learned here. After all, it isn’t rocket science.

But this isn’t the first time someone has thought of using terrible events as a promotional tool. I doubt it will be the last. Step forward Phorm CEO Kent Ertugrul in an interview with the Washington Post.

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Bozeman Montana Backs Down From Demanding Facebook IDs

Most employers now do some internet research to learn more about current and potential staff, ostensibly to help determine that the well turned out person who interviewed well and looks the part isn’t merely putting on a professional mask.  Some would see that as cyberstalking.  After all, an employer should surely employ staff on the basis of what they do professionally, not judge them on which football team they support (I don’t), which celebrity actor or actress they fancy (Bonnie Langford), who their friends are on Facebook (I don’t do Facebook) and who they follow on Twitter.

That’s a valid topic for discussion.  Especially in the city of Bozeman, Montana which was recently discovered to have gone further than that and asked all potential employees:

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Company Saying “Buy Phorm” Fined By LSE

Astaire Securities, the company that recently published advice to stockbrokers to buy Phorm shares (in an article that seems to bear a few similarities to a similar document issued by Charles Stanley Securities in April 2008), has been fined by the London Stock Exchange for breaching the rules of the Alternative Investment Market. The article details the breaches of the AIM rules and the judgement of the LSE.

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