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Month: May 2009

Expensing Church Donations?

Julie Kirkbride has announced that she is standing down. So has Elliott Morley (How do you forget that you’ve paid off a mortgage?), and Margaret Moran (stand down or face an angry Esther Rantzen at the next election). At the risk of sounding like a punmeister there are serious questions over Cash (Yes, it’s a cheap gag because my teacup is empty). Please can we see Ed Balls given the same inquisitorial treatment?

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NorthgateArinso Involved In Pensions Trust Data Breach

Doesn’t NorthgateArinso’s skillsets of excellence include basic IT security like encrypting laptops? Matthew Henty’s blog details the specifics of the data that went AWOL. I have a copy of the letter that went out from The Pensions Trust so can confirm that the data on the lifted laptop includes name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number, name of employer, salary details, name of and relationship to nominees and, for those drawing a pension, bank account details.

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Professional Standards & Ethics

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks during which my desire to accept that people generally act honourably and to the highest professional standards has taken some big hits. At heart I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and really want to believe that people will do their jobs properly and behave to a high professional standard without my having to get involved. Sadly it seems that more often I have to push, press and get involved to ensure that actually happens.

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