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Month: March 2009

“Wacky Jacqui Spanked By Husband”

One must then also ask if Richard Timney’s er, “late night solo habits” are a regular thing or was this just a one-off? How many other occurrences of such events have there been? Does he use a taxpayer funded computer for his work? Has that been checked for content inappropriate for someone working for the Home Secretary? Has whatever computer(s) he uses been checked for inappropriate content? Is he claiming for Kleenex on these expenses as well?

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Your Online Identity Is Not As Anonymous As You Think!

Arvind Narayanan and Dr Vitaly Shmatikov’s paper “De-anonymising social networks” reveals some very disturbing information:

“The main lesson of this paper is that anonymity is not sufficient for privacy when dealing with social networks. We developed a generic re-identification algorithm and showed that it can successfully de-anonymize several thousand users in the anonymous graph of a popular microblogging service (Twitter), using a completely different social network (Flickr) as the source of auxiliary information.

Furthermore, any of the thousands of third-party application developers, the dozens of advertising companies, governments who have access to telephone call logs have access to auxiliary information which is much richer than what we used in our experiments. At the same time, an ever growing number of third parties get access to sensitive social-network data in anonymized form.

These two trends appear to be headed for a collision resulting in major privacy breaches, and any potential solution would appear to necessitate a fundamental shift in business models and practices and clearer privacy laws on the subject of Personally Identifiable Information.”

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