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Month: January 2009

Auschwitz Does Not Deserve To Decay

Being a passionate kind of guy there are a number of topics on which I hold very strong opinions.  Regular readers will probably have noticed this.  Heart on my sleeve and all that kind of thing.  So it was that today I found myself thinking “WTF?” (My more net savvy friends have told me this means “What The Frag?”) at an article on the BBC website.

In response to this article I offer this rebuttal and also the photographs I took when I visited Auschwitz in 2004.  They have been uploaded to my Flickr account.  I also suggest that you visit my Auschwitz page which contains a piece I wrote for a workplace newsletter.

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GTC “Code Of Conduct” Infringes On Teachers’ Civil Liberties

The Times Educational Supplement carries a report detailing the National Union Of Teachers’ response to a proposed Code Of Conduct for teachers.  Briefly put, the proposed “Code Of Conduct” intends to give the General Teaching Council and school heads previously unimagined powers of interference in the private lives of teachers and other school staff.

The GTC’s proposals are detailed on their website and there is a consultation page.  Which naturally I visited, wanting to read in full these Orwellian sounding proposals.  I was not impressed.  It seems that someone else has decided that 1984 is an instruction manual rather than a warning.  The NUT’s response was  similar to mine in many respects, if a little less verbose.

On December 19th 2008 I responded fully to the document via the consultation page.  The questions asked on the consultation page were the expected generic questions with multiple choice answers, making a challenge to the proposals difficult.  However, given a free text field and, of course, this weblog, I am able to make my challenges to the GTC clear for all to read.

They are provided here in full.  I will be interested to see what responses are forthcoming from the GTC.

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