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Category: trade union dinosaurs

Labour’s Last Chance?

The Labour leadership contest, whose result is announced today, is of far more importance than many Labour supporters and MPs may realise.  Not only is it a huge opportunity for Labour to demonstrate that it is relevant to the UK electorate and has a clear message of what it stands for but it is also the last chance Labour may have of proving itself capable and/or deserving of remaining a major political presence.

Recent events involving the party and contest suggest that it doesn’t have a Scooby Doo about the importance of the contest for the future of the party.

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The Delusions Of Brendan Barber & Trade Union Dinosaurs

Brendan Barber is deluded.

He thinks that the coalition government’s austerity plans are “insulting claptrap”.  Barber should know a thing or two about claptrap – This is the man who thinks unfettered internet access should be a right for everyone with a job.  Sure Brendan, let’s have a workforce spending half its working day on Facebook.

I’ve got news for Mr Barber and his friends – Britain became a dark, brutish and more frightening place under a “government” that he, his organisation and its members supported.  Need I remind you that the Labour “government” – supported by funds from trade unions – was responsible for planning and partially implementing a surveillance state like none that has been seen before?  The Labour “government” seemed to take Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual.

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